Haitian Covenant



Since 1999 St. Mary’s has made an effort to help the community of Les Palmes, Haiti.  There is a covenant in place and the pastor of St. Mary’s, Fr. John Antonelle had the opportunity to meet and greet Fr. Roud Sauveur, from Les Palmes in October on his first visit.  During mass on October 23, 2016 a five year Covenant was signed.

The mission is to support with prayer and visits, our parish to Les Palmes, Haiti and the pastor of Les Palmes to Coventry, Connecticut. Each year the parish priest from Les Palmes will visit and present an update on the school and share news of the community of Les Palmes as well as experience community in Coventry, CT. There have been many changes in the community of Les Palmes. There is also opportunity for the community to travel to Haiti.

God is good and has provided us with this opportunity to help the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Education for them is an answer to knowledge that will make life better. Public schools in Haiti have limited space and fees are not affordable for most people. The private schools are costly. School in Les Palmes, on the mountain, started with 17 students in the first year and is now over 500. Many families have sent their children for higher education because of Kolej Pere Bruny secondary school and some have received assistance from University for honors.


Thank you and Blessings to you all,

The Haitian Ministry Committee