Haitian Scholarship


Avilene Derislin (sponsored student)

Enrollment is 510 students in the secondary school.  There are 67 students receiving scholarship. 

Rev. Roud Sauveur, pastor of Les Palmes, works with the teachers in the school to determine the students eligible for scholarship. 

There is a criteria that needs to be met to receive the scholarship and continue each year.

At the end of the academic year students take exams.  Some grade levels take national exam as well as local school exam. 

The sponsored students who pass will be able to receive sponsor again. If the student does not pass then a new student is assigned to sponsor. 

Scholarship for a student is $180.00 for the year!  However any amount is appreciated!

Please consider this wonderful opportunity to help a child be educated and improve life for them and their family

"A child who is not educated has no tools for the future, and is not important in the society.”

Contact: Pete Sullivan 860-871-9903 or e-mail peterpdp@sbcglobal.net


Check payable to: St. Mary Haitian Ministry  

 Mail to: St. Mary Church                  

 Haitian Ministry                        

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