St. Mary Cemetery -- Why Burial in a Catholic Cemetery

The Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church defines only two places as being sacred: the Church Building where Jesus resides in the tabernacle, and the Catholic Cemetery which is an expression of faith and extension of the parish community.

Ever since the sacred body of Jesus Christ was reverently laid in a tomb, the Catholic Church has respected the profound goodness and loving mercy derived from the internment of the deceased. The Catholic Church has always taught that burial of the deceased is a Corporal Work of Mercy, seeing it necessary to dedicate solemnly, consecrated ground for this holy purpose. Catholic Cemeteries serve this purpose of burying the faithful departed to bear witness to Christ and to await the resurrection of the body into life everlasting. 

The area or land that a Catholic Cemetery rests on is considered "Holy Ground." This land has been blessed by the bishop, and the deceased are interred or entombed in a holy and spiritual environment. Loved ones and family members are encouraged to come and pray for the souls of the deceased, knowing that they too will be together with them, one day, in the presence of Almighty God. Once the deceased is laid to rest, one can have the reassurance and knowledge that their loved one is truly blessed from this sanctifying gift. Being buried in a Catholic Cemetery is truly a Holy Privilege.