Committee Contact Person Phone
Haiti Lou Friedrich  
Legion of Mary Dan Digiulio  
Knights of Columbus Mark Cycenas  
Eucharistic Ministers    
Liturgy Committee Mary Cross  
Rosary & Novena Rick Parr  
Men's Small Church Dave Imhof  
First Friday Jean Soder  
Stations of the Cross Dina Garafola  
Money Counters Bob Felix  
Clean the Church Dan Digiulio  
Children's Liturgy Kathy Duchene  
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Dan Digiulio  
Greeters Carl Brolin  
Prayer Network Laurie Felix  
Religious Education Melissa Lachut  
Bible Study Laurie Felix  
Couples of Prayer Dave Imhof  
RCIA Bob Bealieau  
Marriage Preparation Frank & Margie Pearson  860-742-6934
Baptism Melissa Lachut  
Info Desk Dan Garafola  
Hospitality Mary Mantin  
Pro-Life Roger & Georgette St. Jean  
Couples Club Walter Soder  
Music & Choir Al Girard  
Liturgy Schedule Erin Dombkowski  
Visitation Laurie Felix  
Bereavement Judy Melichar & Mary Cross  
Women's Guild Kathy Dochter