Outreach to Haiti




Immersion trips are still taking place and twin parishes are receiving travelers for visits and groups are experiencing Haiti staying at the temporary mission house.  Groups have the opportunity to experience as much of Haiti as possible.  Visits might include, orphanage, feeding program, clinic, museum, shopping and eating at some wonderful restaurants.  Some even get in time at the beach.

Approximately 7% of the funds for this ministry are funded through the diocese and the rest of the working funds are raised through fundraisers, donations and grants.

St. Mary’s Haitian Ministry is only one part of Outreach to Haiti.  St Mary’s ministry works to provide for sister parish of Our Lady of the Presentation, in Les Palmes, Haiti since 1999 and first covenant between the two communities was signed in 2003.  Our commitment to the parish community is a combination of prayer, relationship and financial support.  Les Palmes is located approximately 65 miles southwest of Port Au Prince and has a population of approximately 38,000. Each twin parish decides on how they will help provide assistance to the sister parish.   

Our commitment has been for teacher salaries since 1999 and sponsorship of students for secondary school since 2005 has grown to 67 students. In November 2011 a vocational sewing center was set up in the school.  Computer lab (established by former donors) and sewing center was very welcome. In 2012 many barrels were shipped with hand tools and a carpentry class was established.

This community is only one example of how support makes a difference in “teaching a man to fish instead of giving them fish”.  We pray to continue our support for “Helping Haitians Help Haitians”!

Outreach to Haiti Diocese of Norwich is holding a Capital Campaign to build a modest Mission House on sight at Chris Roi property.  Since the earthquake the mission house was destroyed and a house has been leased.  It is time to move forward and save resources being spent on rent to be used for other needs.  

Please consider a donation to the Capital Campaign.  Outreach to Haiti, Diocese of Norwich, 815 Boswell Ave, Norwich, CT 06360-2536